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Headquartered in Washington, DC, SuperFd Performance Nutrition is the leading provider of food services for professional sports teams in 12 major markets across the US and Toronto.

We have catered more than 250,000 meals to professional athletes across the country. We use local and organic ingredients to create delicious meals that help athletes fuel, perform, and recover.

Our team brings 30+ years of experience in the foodservice industry and an expert understanding of the logistics required to deliver high-quality meals to high-performance athletic organizations that are constantly on the move.


SuperFd invests in reaching audiences who value healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and sustainable practices—but who don’t want to sacrifice tasty, satisfying food. In addition to serving as the official team caterer for professional sports teams across the United States, we invest in marketing to fans with #WorldChamp appetites.


SuperFd proudly serves professional athletes and teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, PLL, NWSL and others. Our custom performance nutrition plans streamline pre- and post-game meals, in-flight catering, training fuel, and more.


All SuperFd meals are built with purpose. This means that careful consideration is taken for each recipe to be served at the appropriate time for game preparation, recovery, or travel. Considering natural anti-inflammatories, hydration, and antioxidants elevates our game to another level.

Since I got to the NHL, I have been able to show up to the rink or plane and never have to worry about food. Thanks to Chef Robbie and his team, we are lucky to get quality meals that both taste great and are healthy fuel for our bodies.

Tom Wilson #43, Washington Capitals


SuperFd Performance Nutrition is designed for professional athletes training to achieve peak performance and healthy recovery. We believe food is medicine, but it doesn’t have to taste like it.